We all want to live a happy, healthy and productive life.

Forces within and outside of our control may cause us to make choices that take us down a path leading farther from a life in which we can prosper.

If you are at a time in your life when you are wondering how you got where you are, why you are so far from your Happy Place, and what changes you need to make to get you back on the right path, the Core Search process may be right for you.

Core Search helps you look at your past in detail so you can zero in on the experiences that have consistently given you pleasure and those that have created roadblocks over the course of your life.

Let us help you focus your energy on actions that will give you the most fulfillment and identify and eliminate those that are getting in your way.

Come and join our heroine, Bobbi, as she makes her way through the Swamp, and finds out what she needs to do to get back on the path to a more fulfilling life.
Then, learn how to follow the process yourself.