The Core Search book is your guide to a seven step process that helps you map, analyze and use your personal history to identify and understand the time- specific and lifelong events, patterns and activities that have given you satisfaction, fulfillment, and cause for concern. These are known as your Core.

Here’s a snapshot of the seven steps:

  1. Recognition—Realization that your life is off track and that a change is needed.
  2. Reflection—A detailed review of your status every few years over the course of your life.
  3. Identification—Discovery of the common threads in your life: Your key interests and concerns.
  4. Definition—Develop a plan to get to your happy place based on where you are now.
  5. Action—Follow through on the plan and monitor your progress.
  6. Reassessment—Determine whether or not the changes have taken you in the right direction.
  7. Refinement—Based on the results of your reassessment refine and expand your plans accordingly.